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Carpel Tunnel and Wrist Pain:

By now most of us are aware of the toll that prolonged typing, texting, improper use of gym weights and other repetitive hand motions take on our wrists. When it’s gone on long enough to misalign the small bones in the wrist, this can cause compression of the nerves that travel between these wrist bones causing localized pain. This is called Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. It is imperative that a chiropractor re-align these wrist bones.  Plese note that importantly, and very often, an allied component of, and frequent co-causative agent in this type of wrist pain is pressure on the roots of the nerves in the neck, nerves that feed the muscles of the wrist, weakening the wrist’s strength. When both the neck and wrist scenarios are present, it is referred to as a “double crush” syndrome. If the nerves in the neck, whose malfunction is contributing to the wrist pain are not freed of pressure, there can never be complete healing of the carpel tunnel syndrome. It is also imperative that once pressure has been removed from the neck’s nerves, that the neck be stabilized with corrective exercises to prevent recurrence.