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Chronic Bronchial and Lung Infections

Antibiotics will assist in defeating most garden variety bronchial and lung infections, but only restoring these organs’ optimal natural immune response will help the body prevent chronic recurring infections. Have you ever noticed that some infections easily find further hospitality in the bronchi (bronchitis) or the lungs (mucous, fluid, or even pneumonia)? Spinal distortions in the upper back, where the nerves that enliven and regulate the lungs and bronchi come from, can interfere with the neural impulses that flow along these nerves, thereby decreasing communication between the brain and these vital organs, leading them to become more prone to chronic infections. By freeing these upper back distortions, essentially removing nerve pressure from the nerves that control these organs, and instructing patients in what they can do personally to keep these vital nerve pathways open, these organs can strengthen, and better adapt to environmental and microbial stresses. Please note that all breathing issues can be worsened by deteriorating, slumping posture, which reduces the capacity to breath deeply!