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Concentration Issues, or diagnosis of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Of late, this disorder has been addressed a great deal in both the popular media and scientific literature, particularly with the great number of children being diagnosed, and even more alarmingly by the type and amount of medication given to treat the condition. For the pediatric chiropractor, attitudes toward the diagnosis and treatment of children with a diagnosis of ADHD runs counter to accepted medical practice to say the least.
The chiropractic Perspective on ADHD: Recent research efforts are now bringing to fruition supporting evidence upon the chiropractic principle of the supremacy of the nervous system. ADHD is a central nervous system disorder. Attempts at understanding the underlying neurobiology of ADHD remain a challenge, but one thing is clear: no one functions better with interference to their nerve system, especially someone with ADHD. Since the clinical goal of chiropractic care is to reduce or eliminate interference to the nerve system, this type care can only bring more overall ease to the nerve system.As of this writing, the first and only documentation in the scientific literature addressing the effects of chiropractic care in children with hyperactivity was performed by Giesen et.al. Five out of seven children showed improvement in behavioral scores. Four of seven showed improvement in arousal levels, and the improvement in the group as a whole was highly significant. The majority of the children in this study did, in fact, improve under chiropractic care. The results of this study do suggest that chiropractic care has the potential to become an important, non-drug intervention for children with hyperactivity.Considering that many alternative therapies that have been shown to be effective in helping patients with ADHD, and that many of these therapies are incorporated in, or at least networked into by most chiropractic practices, it is our contention that chiropractic provides one of the best methods of care for children with a diagnosis of ADHD.