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Digestion and Reflux Issues

When the head is held forward of where it optimally belongs, the shoulders curve forward, the chest caves to some degree and there is pressure on the nerves emanating from the spine in the upper back that regulate the muscle of breathing (the diaphragm), and the upper digestive tract. People will often experience slow, poor, incomplete or difficult digestion of their food, resulting in pains, bloating and/or cramping.If, also due to this type of nerve pressure, the diaphragm is weakened, then stomach acid can come up out of the stomach and into the food pipe (esophagus) causing a burning sensation. One of the most commonly purchased over the counter, as well as prescribed medications in this country are antacids, and digestive aids. These do bring relief but do nothing to improve the free space for breathing and digestion, nor do they improve the nerve supply to the digestive organs or the diaphragm. Chiropractic care does both, and practiced the way we do in our office, trains the patient in what to do to assist with correcting this for themselves.