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If blood is not getting to your brain as well as it should, or if there is even a subtle infection or clogging in the ears, one can experience dizziness. There can be many causes, from blood pressure being too low, to stress, to heart issues and even depression. Aside from those listed above, one of the most common causes with which we can be of help in our chiropractic practice, is in the correction of the misalignments of the cervical (neck) vertebrae that have been either directly affecting the flow of blood to the brain, or that are irritating the nerves that direct blood flow to the brain, or that innervate the supportive structures of the ears. If caused by an ear infection, by aligning the neck the eustachian tubes (that lead from the middle ear to the throat) are better able to clear, allowing the ears to drain which decreases pressure on the balance structures in the inner ear, reducing dizziness.