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Dr. Franklin Gilbert

Dr.-Franklin-GilbertrDr. Gilbert discovered chiropractic in the mid 1970’s, after struggling with the after-effects of a number of childhood, sports-related, and vehicular injuries. Through chiropractic care and without surgery or medication, he experienced ongoing pain-free well-being for the first time in his life.   Says, Dr. Gilbert, “I became a chiropractor because I was helped by chiropractic.  I had severe migraine headaches, neck pain ,and was developing weakness in my arms. Without exaggerating, chiropractic care gave me my life back.”  While under care, he discovered The Pettibon System™ and learned firsthand how successful it could be in relieving his own pain.  Early in his chiropractic education, he came under the tutelage of the legendary Dr. Pasquale Cersoli, of Brooklyn.  Upon graduating from chiropractic college, in 1979  he founded what is now known as Central Park West Wellness so that he could help others as he had been helped.

“What I loved about chiropractic was that it is based on a great respect for the body’s own ability to heal, prevent health issues and function at a very high, often untapped potential.  What lies within, is also an extraordinary springboard from which to be propelled into the exploration of the mysteries of glowing, great health and well being. I loved that chiropractic did not put anything into the body, nor take anything away from the body.  It assists in removing interference that is keeping the body from functioning as nature intended, ” says Dr. Gilbert.

Having directly experienced The Pettibon System’s™ transformative effects, Dr. Gilbert is proud to share a chiropractic revolution that teaches his patients how to be in control of their own spinal health.  “My primary objective as a practitioner is to find out what might be slowing ones healing, and teach them what they need to do to ‘fix’ themselves, so they are empowered to generate their own personal best health expression, and not forever be dependent upon us.”

Adds Dr. Gilbert, “Having been through the kind of pain for which most patients consult us, I embody a great deal of compassion for what they’re feeling, as well as great certainty as to what can be accomplished, and how to achieve it.”