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When our energy is in short supply, even with a good night’s sleep, we usually experience fatigue. There are a host of causes including poor diet, lack of exercise, mental and emotional challenges, or even adrenal and thyroid under functioning, allergies, blood sugar or blood pressure issues or being overweight. Certainly these and other possible causes should be investigated and above all, it is imperative to be certain that there is as little interference to the nerve system as possible. Since its role is that of the master system, the nerve system controls, enlivens and coordinates all the tissues, organs and systems of the body. We must therefore be certain that the nerve system is as free of interference as possible. We can put the best food in the body, attempt to improve our health through daily exercise and even get eight hours’ sleep, but if the nerve system remains compromised and our deteriorated posture requires massive amounts of bodily energy each day to hold us upright, then all will be for naught, and fatigue will persist. A course of care to lessen or remove nerve pressure, and restore postural balance will ensure that all the body’s organs and systems function at their best and that we will have our best ability to adapt to daily stresses and strains while being able to maintain a great level of energy.