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Immune Response (this is, poor), and Allergies

When we have frequent colds, sore throats, bronchial, ear or lung infections, or when these infections take root for much longer than the average person, or when we do not adapt properly to certain substances in our environment (allergic reactions), we need to look toward what is compromising our immune response. When a cold always ends up in our lungs, and our sinuses are often congested, or we simply live on the edge of always getting sick, there can be many causative factors. Lack of exercise, poor diet, asking way too much of our bodies and minds without proper rest, are some of the main culprits. But, by far, the most important thing to evaluate is our nerve system. Since the nerve system is the master system, the wiring system, …that which controls and coordinates all the other systems and adapts us to our environment, …any compromising of this system will cause disorganization of all the other systems in our body, thereby compromising (at the very least) our immune system’s ability to adapt to our environment. We then become fertile ground for diseases and infirmities of many kinds. By removing interference from the nerve system, and most importantly instructing people in what they personally can do to keep their own nerve system as free of interference as possible, we give the body’s immune system its best ability to adapt to germs (that are always present), to the environment, as well as to other varied sources of stress.