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Injuries, Neck and Low Back (car accidents, sports, falls, etc.)

Any sudden forceful movement, or physical impact to the spine, can cause neck, mid, or low back injury. One of the most common is whiplash. Whiplash is commonly associated with motor vehicle accidents,usually when the vehicle has been hit in the rear however this type of injury can be sustained in many other ways, including falls from bicycles, horses and other sports or amusement related events. A whiplash injury may also be the result of sudden stretching of the neck, mainly the muscles and ligaments at the front and back of the neck, as the neck snaps forward and then back again. Whiplash may be caused by any motion similar to a rear end collision in a motor vehicle, such as may take place on a roller coaster, or other rides at an amusement park, or sports injuries such as skiing accidents, other modes of transportation such as airplane travel, or from being hit, kicked or shaken. Symptoms may include: pain and aching in the neck and back, referred pain to the shoulders, sensory disturbance (such as pins and needles) to the arms or legs and/or headaches. Symptoms can appear directly after the injury, but often are not felt until days afterwards. The most common areas affected by whiplash or neck injury are the neck, and the mid-back. With collar support to prevent re-injury, rest and gentle chiropractic realignment toward the normal structure of the neck, muscle strengthening and ligamentous rehabilitation, healing of injured tissues is accelerated, and long term damage, with associated physical restrictions, aches and pains are minimized or prevented entirely. All of this can only be accomplished, and permanently stabilized when all the structures of the neck and spine are returned to as normal a state as possible through personalized spinal corrective exercises.