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Insurance and Fees

Our fees are in keeping with, an in many cases less than those that are usual and customary for chiropractic care in Manhattan. We deliver an exceptional level of personal service. A typical office visit will last between 15 to 45 minutes, depending upon what services you personally require, and will usually cost anywhere between $50 and $90 dependent upon what services were rendered. There is no charge for an initial consultation in which we perform a brief history and exam to determine if your specific health concerns might be appropriately addressed with the protocols we offer. If we’re fairly certain that we can help you, we would then recommend the appropriate diagnostic tests which can range anywhere from $50 to $150. Rest assured that we would never perform any service without discussing it, and its cost with you beforehand, and receiving your approval. We are very respectful around finances and no one ever receives a bill from “out of nowhere” from us!  Give a call, discuss your specific health concerns with a doctor, and we’ll give you a very good idea of exactly what any financial responsibility might look like for you.
We work with most major insurance carriers, such as:
Cigna Healthcare
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Empire Plans
United Health Care
32 BJ
We are pleased to verify any benefits to which you may be entitled, and deductible amounts that might apply to your coverage, even before your making an appointment to come see us.  Simply call us with your insurance information and we will verify your chiropractic benefits for you. We will bill for covered chiropractic services provided to you, directly to your insurance carrier and wait to receive payment from them.