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Lower Back Pain

With lower back pain, even life’s simplest activities can become a torturous challenge. Simple bending, putting on ones shoes, sitting for work or travel, caring for our family, even walking, standing or sleeping can instigate pain. In reviewing in depth, all our new patient evaluations since 1979, it has become clear that even with lower back pain of sudden onset, at least 95% of the time, long standing imbalances of muscles, discs, ligaments and improper spinal alignment have conspired to create fertile ground for even the slightest daily extra strain to cause a collapse of spinal stability, and pain. Once the spine had lost its stability, it is easy for nerves to become impinged by misplaced vertebrae, or bulging/herniated discs, causing mild to severe pain. One can treat lower back pain with medications and rest, or even surgery to remove the disc or bony material causing the nerve impingement and pain, but unless all of the lower back’s, and in fact even the whole spine’s biomechanical factors are addressed, most lower back pain episodes will recur. Our full spine, comprehensive, approach to restore, as closely as possible, normal spinal form and function, ensures that the nerves, spinal bones, ligaments, muscles and discs all function together properly, without the nerves and discs becoming irritated. Of course, our primary concern is to first bring relief from the pain and fortunately, some level of relief often comes fairly rapidly. However, relief is only part of the process. We must then analyze each patient individually, to find out exactly where the weak areas are, …the ones that have allowed the spine to deteriorate, and teach that patient what they personally need to do to strengthen these areas so we do not see one back here with the same, or similar problem again. This ensures your ability to help fix the cause of your low back pain and keeps you from becoming forever dependent upon us for relief of the same issue.