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Stress, Anxiety, Irritability or a Poor Ability to Adapt to Stress

The nerve system is the window through which we view the world, and through which we express ourselves. Going through life with an irritated nerve system is analogous to driving a car at night with a foggy windshield, and you know how stressful, irritating and draining that can be! Have you ever heard someone say “that grates on my nerves?” Well, when one, or many stimuli in your environment irritate, or over stimulate your nerve system, without it having a chance to refract (have a quiet phase), you will experience irritability, possibly feel anxious for no particular reason and your ability to adapt to any more stress will be compromised. Chiropractic care’s main objective is to lessen, or remove irritation to the nerve system. Our work allows the nerve system to wind down. In fact often, during and after receiving care, a patient is heard to sigh, …a sigh of relief of irritation and tension. By teaching our patients what they each personally need to do to prevent and remove irritation to their own nerve systems (which tends to build up daily just from what we ask of our ourselves in this culture), they can then keep themselves aligned in such a way so as improve their ability to adapt to day to day stressors, thereby also helping to prevent anxiety and irritability.