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The Pettibon System

We also utilize aspects of a revolutionary form of chiropractic care called The Pettibon System,TM which enables us to quickly and effectively help patients while also imbuing them with the knowledge to help themselves.

It involves analyzing a patient in such a manner as to determine what they personally need to do on a daily basis to improve their own neck and spine.

The Pettibon SystemTM

The Pettibon SystemTM is a proven spine and posture correction methodology that, along with providing pain relief, works toward restoring normal spinal form and function. It is an extensively researched, viable alternative to physical therapy and in many cases pain management, medication and surgery.

The two x-ray pictures above demonstrate low back spinal improvement that was obtained in a 4 week period utilizing aspects of this method.

Through meticulous evaluation and comparison to researched biomechanical norms, a global postural and spinal strengthening care plan is tailor-made for each patient. Personalized programs are designed to restore, as closely as possible, your optimal spinal form and function. This ensures a decrease in related pain and symptoms, as well as a greater ability to prevent spine, disc and nerve related issues thereby helping to keep you as free of nerve pressure as possible, so you can have your best ability to heal, prevent health issues, and express your own personal best health.

Actual Pre and Post Care X-rays