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Patients can develop many different posture problems, including Dowager’s hump, forward head posture, and slumping posture. Over time, these posture issues can lead to uncomfortable symptoms and diminished overall function. We at Central Park West Wellness diagnose posture issues accurately and work to correct these issues using non-invasive chiropractic care. To make an appointment for posture evaluation, please call our office or use our convenient online scheduling tool.


Posture Q & A

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What are the most common posture problems?

For many patients, posture problems develop when their head moves farther forward than their lower neck and the chest, which isn’t a natural position. This is known as “forward head posture.” Some patients also develop a slumping posture, which develops when your upper back and mid back start to bow backward. Another common problem related to posture is the Dowager’s hump, which is a severe rounding of your upper back.

Why do posture problems matter?

In addition to being embarrassing for the patient, problems with your posture can also cause physical symptoms. For example, in the case of forward head posture, your lower neck and upper back must carry the weight of your head, which isn’t natural. This causes your spine to bow under the extra weight, leading to further complications, such as back pain and poor range of motion.

If you have a slumping upper back, your chest caves, which leads to a lower lung capacity, decreased intake of oxygen, and impaired functioning of your brain. Your emotional state and energy levels may also deteriorate. Furthermore, decreased lung capacity can raise your risk of bronchial and lung infections.

How can chiropractic care help with posture problems?

In many cases, patients’ posture problems begin with an abnormal forward neck curve, which eventually leads to other issues. Restoring a normal forward neck curve and strengthening the muscles in your neck and upper back will often lessen or even reverse this condition.

How does treatment for postural problems work?

If the chiropractors at Central Park West Wellness diagnose you with a postural problem, they begin by developing a customized treatment program that addresses each of your posture-related issues. In most cases, you perform most of your work at home with a few visits to the chiropractor to free the pressure on your spine. The goal of treatment is to strengthen your postural muscles, restore a normal posture to your neck and back, and help you learn how to avoid posture problems in the future. When treatment is complete, you’ll enjoy a stronger, more stable spine and better overall functioning.


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